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Groomers will brush, combine and de-matt the pet’s coat to remove dead hair and dirt. Brushing and combing are very important as thorough brushing promotes better health for your pet’s skin and coat. Your pet not only look good but will feel good as well, as tangles and matts can cause a lot of discomfort to them. PETS DE-MATTING SERVICE IN CHENNAI


Heavy, matted, moist ears flaps, surrounding hair and excessively hairy ear canals will decrease the air flow to the ears canal, making it possible for wax and other debris to build up and potentially leading to infections. Excess, dirty, or matted hair should be removed around the ear canal and ear flap. PETS EARS CLEANING SERVICE IN CHENNAI


Teeth brushing is very essential for your pets. Without brushing, plaque can build up putting your pet at risk for bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. It can also cause painful infections. We use specially designed tooth brushes or recommended alternative and pet toothpaste specially made for them. PETS TEETH BRUSHING SERVICE IN CHENNAI.


Impacted anal glands can be relieved by manually expressing or squeezing out the fluid they contain. This is a smelly process. PETS GLAND CARE SERVICE IN CHENNAI.


Different types of shampoos can be used for your pets. Groomers use a lathering technique rather than scrubbing since it can damage the coat’s shafts. Conditioning works well to loosen up the oil and dirt from the pets coat. Then shampoos are simply massaged into the coat to remove oil and dirt. PETS SHAMPOOING AND CONDITIONING IN CHENNAI


We can do anything you wish as long as your pet has the coat to support it. We will be happy to make suggestions, but it’s your choice and we listen. BEST PETS HAIR CUT SERVICE IN CHENNAI.


Nail trimming for your pets is essential for maintaining their good health. If nails are allowed to grow, they will curl over into a spiral shape ; walking will become painful to your pets as they grow putting pressure on their toes. It is also likely to prevent injuries to you. PETS NAIL TRIMMING SERVICE IN CHENNAI.


Pets should be bathed by being sprayed with a handheld shower head. One bath will not make a pet truly clean. The second wash is required to ensure that the entire body has been cleaned to remove the dirt.  pets bath service in Chennai.


We always try to detect Fleas and Ticks on your pets prior to the beginning of the Grooming process. We offer tick and flea treatment using a natural shampoo. TICKS AND FLEAS TREATMENT SERVICE IN CHENNAI.


Here are some reasons of giving regular oil Massage to Your pets It Can Support their Health and Skin

Cleans up Skin Conditions live eczera, Flea allergies, Contact dermatitis and itchy Skin

Reduces allergic reactions and Improves Skin Health

Makes Coat Sleek and glessy and also gets rid of odoul

Prevent and treat Yeast and Fungal infections including Candida

Disinfects Cuts and Promotes the Healing of Cuts wounds, Hot Spots Dry Skin and Hair etc.,

Protects against fleas, Ticks and Mites, Soothes and Heals Dry Cracked Pads and elbow calluses.

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Pet Grooming is one of your pet’s basic needs and an important part of pet ownership. pets need physical maintenance to look and feel their best.

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